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      • Public Art Mission & Members

        The Kalamazoo County Public Art Commission operates under an Urban Cooperation Act agreement between the Kalamazoo County and the cities of Kalamazoo and Portage. The Commission was created to supervise all public art projects within the member public agencies; make recommendations to the public agencies as to works of art; recommend methods of selection and commissioning of artists with respect to design, execution, and placement of works of art for which appropriations have been made; recommend the specific location of works of art; provide recommendations on all phases of each public art project; recommend guidelines on acceptance of gifts and donations of public art works, including recommendations as to whether a gift should be accepted or rejected, or alternative solutions; and recommend guidelines on the disposal of works of art.

        The Public Art Commission consists of the following members:

        D. Neil Bremer (Chair; Executive Director, Arts Council of Greater Kalamazoo)

        Patrick Jouppi (Secretary/Treasurer; Kalamazoo Public Library, member-at-large)

        David Jarl (Representing the local chapter of the American Institute of Architects)

        Belinda Tate (Executive Director, Kalamazoo Institute of Arts)

        Renee Newman (Representing Discover Kalamazoo)

        Sarah Lindley (Chair, Kalamazoo College Art Department)

        Lisa Brock (Arcus Center for Social Justice and Leadership, Kalamazoo College)

        Martha Aills (Retired Kalamazoo City Planner, member-at-large)

        Andrew Hennlich (Assistant Professor, Frostic School of Art, member-at-large)

        Jeff Chamberlain (Non-voting representative for the City of Kalamazoo)

        Ed Sackley (Non-voting representative for the City of Portage)

        Lotta Jarnefelt (Non-voting representative for Kalamazoo County; Director, Kalamazoo County Department of Planning & Community Development)

        For more information, email